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    Welcome to LOVE & SHENANIGANS! T OUR THRIVE FARM CO. STORE inspired by our FUNNY FARM and all the things I love..... FAMILY, FRIENDS, ANIMALS, NATURE, ADVENTURE, COUNTRY LIFE, LOVE AND SHENANIGANS!!! We hope you find something here that makes you SMILE!

    Love & Shenanigans 
  • The Heart of Love & Shenanigans

    Our hope is to spread a little LOVE and share the JOY of these FUNNY FARM faces. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to share in our daily shenanigans here at the funny farm!!! 

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  • Best Life

    The Funny Farm inspires me daily to live my best life. For me it's not always about having the best of everything but about finding the BEST in every day.

    Best Life 
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