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Milky Way

Alpaca Watching Socks

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Adorable design alpaca themed alpaca socks for adults and children.

We love alpacas! We especially love these warm alpaca socks. Cozy and comfortable on our feet, these socks are incredibly durable, so we get more wear from them than regular socks.

Premium quality alpaca socks featuring an attractive Peruvian design with adorable images of alpacas. Soft textured lightweight alpaca socks are perfect for children because they provide warmth and are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.   

I have these socks in gray and love them. They are cozy and warm and they cushion my feet in my shoes and boots. Great socks !!! -Shirley, Nuremberg, PA

These socks breathe so well! So I wore mine in boots motorcycling for 3 weeks in Thailand humidity and my feet stayed surprisingly dry, comfortable and odor free.  I occasionally washed them! :) -Brian, Ramona, CA

Featuring attractive traditional design and cute alpacas!

Comes in 3 colors, in 3 adult and 2 child sizes.

Adult: Small, Medium, Large
Child: Small, Medium

Note: adult Small is actually the same as a Child's large. 

Youth Small: fits typically 4-7 years
Youth Medium: 6-9 years
Youth Large: 10-13 years

Colors: Brown, Beige, Grey

Materials: 41% Alpaca, 34% Acrylic, 25% Nylon

Suggested Care: Gentle wash and dry after turning socks inside out.

USA designed, made in Peru.