Truly Livin'

Truly Livin'


Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!


Last time we connected the theme was to MAKE IT A GOOD ONE! Well that we did! We had an awesome 4th of July, celebrating with family, friends, tasty food, yummy sips and lots of shenanigans. The funny farm gang probably didn’t know what to think of all the shenanigans and fireworks, but they loved the extra love & buckets of grain from our neighbors, family, and friends.

Following the 4th of July festivities, we packed up and said see you soon to our pals, Rowdy, “the girls” Betty and June, Bonnie, Clyde, Huckleberry, Ricky, Jerry, Moo, and of course the ‘pacas Buddy, Rasta, and Merle. Off to Cozumel we went!


We had a blast with our boys and my sister and her family. It was the perfect combination of relaxation and shenanigans! We danced, we laughed, we swam with stingrays, we sipped, we soaked up the sun and we made memories that will last a lifetime. Mostly we LIVED! Some days we’re just alive, some days we’re livin’! Yep, I have a song for that.

Living by Dierks Bentley (click to listen)

Some days you just breath in
Just try to break even
Sometimes your heart's
Poundin' out of your chest
Sometimes it's just beatin'
Some days you just forget
What all you've been given
Yeah, some days you just get back
And some days you're just alive
Some days you're LIVIN’


GRATEFUL. Grateful for the moments in each day I am really living. The moments talking to God when I walk down to the funny farm each morning, the moments listening to my favorite tunes while shoveling sh*t, the moments I walk hand in hand with my forever love, the moments I see our boys laughing with each other as they reminisce about the shenanigans the day before with their cousins, the moments sharing about our dreams with my sister and her hubby sitting on a beach in Cozumel, the moments eating fresh made ceviche on a make shift boogie board life raft table floating in the crystal clear aqua blue ocean with stingrays swimming at our feet, the moments when anything seems possible, the moments I get butterflies kissing the same “boy” I have kissed for 28 years, the moments sitting and sippin’ on the porch with the best of friends, the moments I come HOME, grateful for where I have been and most of all grateful for where I am. Living my BEST LIFE is finding magic to celebrate each day, the magic is in the moments I feel truly ALIVE.



Don't waste another mile or a minute not kissin' me
Life is short, make it sweet. (click to listen to this toe tapper by Old Dominion)

So true, tomorrow is not promised. Nothing reminds us of this reality more than when a life is taken too soon. Upon returning from our trip to Cozumel Jeff and I made a trip back to our hometown for a celebration of life for our friend Nate.

Nate was racing his jeep at an annual Father’s Day jeep racing event when his jeep rolled several times and unfortunately, he did not survive. He and his whole family live for racing. No doubt he died living his best life, doing what he loved. I am grateful we were able to be at his celebration of life to celebrate a life truly lived. He touched a lot of lives. I am grateful to be from a community that pulls together for the people they love. Though it was 105 degrees that afternoon everyone drove their jeeps in a procession on the way to the service. As I cruised around town in the days following, the song The Day That I Die by Zac Brown played over the speakers in my truck. I reflected on the words. “On the day that I die I wanna say that I was a man who really lived and never compromised.” This is how he lived and how I aspire to live and love each day. Someone who really lives and never compromises on the things that matter most to me. LOVE, DREAMS, FAITH. What is the song inside of you? Listen to it, sing it, LIVE IT.

Day that I Die by Zac Brown (click to listen)
Cause I believe that I,
Was born with a song inside of me.
Never question why,
I just kept on chasing that melody.
And as time goes by,
It's funny how time can make you realize,
We're running out of it.
On the day that I die,
I wanna say that I,
Was a man who really lived and never compromised.


My cup is full of new memories and renewed perspective on beauty in the world. Shoot, there goes my musical brain again! (Click to listen to Beauty in the World by Macy Gray). I love adventuring and I love coming home again too! I missed the pups and the FUNNY FARM. There is nothing like the greeting of animals that love you. I am grateful for our tribe that took care of the whole gang while we were away. It takes a village! 


Until we connect again, may you laugh 'til you snorttake the bull by the horns (GRIT), give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, always look for the magic to celebrate, be grateful for the magic of moments, LIVE LIKE SOMEONE LEFT THE GATE OPEN and make it a good one!


Much Gratitude, 




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This blog made me cry. Love you so big and love getting time with you guys. I’m so grateful to have you as my sister and best friend.

Laina Vann

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