There is always something to CELEBTRATE

There is always something to CELEBTRATE

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!

It's been an eventful week! I hope your week has included some love and shenanigans! Ours was certainly full of both and maybe a sip or two of my hubby's yummy, homemade, apple pie moonshine to celebrate all the things....

By all the things I mean ALL THE THINGS, the blessings and the lessons on this crazy journey we call life. More to come on that, but first, we had a special visitor here at the funny farm this week, Flat Stanley. ( click here to see him meet the FUNNY FARM) He came all the way from California. He is currently traveling the world so he can go back and report on his adventures to his friends in his second-grade classroom. I think he will have lots to share! We kept him busy doing chores at the funny farm, checking out all things snow fun, riding in old trucks and new ones too, helping snow blow the deck, cruising the tractor, climbing snowy trees and star gazing in this great big, beautiful, Montana sky. He is going home with an adventure wound since one of the twin baby goats, Jerry nibbled on his foot nearly taking it off! Oh dear, it was scary! Nothing a little tape couldn't cure. It reminded me of the days when my kids got to bring the class pet home, YIKES! Heaven forbid, we were THE ONES that didn't return the little guy in one piece. I can't say I miss those days! But I do miss my little guys. Who knew then that all these years later I would be responsible for a whole FUNNY FARM! We have come a long way!!!

Meet Flat Stanley


There is always something to celebrate!

There is always something to celebrate. I was recently talking with a friend about looking for the magic in each day. It's so true, when you look for the magic you find it. When you find it, you find more and more. Sometimes it's the big stuff but often it's the little things. It's the little things we don't notice because we are to busy being busy. So I try to find at least one thing to celebrate each day. On Monday, one of those things was saving Flat Stanley's foot from a very curious, determined, stubborn, adorable little goat! Last night it was my son returning from Mexico safely, having had an amazing adventure, and he got a tattoo!!! WHAT??? The thing to celebrate was, even in the moment he chose to do this, he heard my words....if you ever get a tattoo make sure it is tasteful and has meaning so you never regret it. It's small and represents where he comes from. He did good.....ish.... When he told me he said " I have to tell you something, I want you to know I don't regret it...." my mind racing with all the things that could be coming, he said " I got a tattoo."  Few!!!! The things that went through my head in those moments, dear lord,  a small tattoo was a relief. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. Right?!! This is a win, something to celebrate. And then we told my hubby, Jeff..... again all went well. Something to celebrate. 


Truly each day there is so much to be grateful for, waking up, sunrises, laughing at the dinner table, having hard honest conversations, having someone to love, having someone love you, knowing what we say is sticking in the kids heads, failing, yep, failing and learning and being better for our failures, (blessings and lessons), health- health is a big one! We know a couple people fighting for their lives as I type this. What they would give for another day. What their families would give for another day. Celebrate something each day! Because there is ALWAYS something to celebrate. Life is short, make it sweet!!!! Yep, there it is my musical brain inspiration for todays words from my heart. Click link to listen. I will make a country fan of you yet! or not, and that's ok too.


Until we connect again, may you celebrate something each day, may you laugh 'til you snort, and take the bull by the horn in this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life. 


Much Gratitude, 




We are both smiling!! You bring a light loving beautiful energy i to our week!
Love this blog❤️💙💗

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