Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!


I hope your week has been filled with LOVE & SHENANIGANS!!! Ours certainly has! Never a dull moment around here. Nothing too crazy this week, no one escaped, unlike last week when my neighbor called to ask if I knew my animals were out. I asked her if she meant the dogs. She said, no a pig, a cow and..... she lives a half mile away!  (click link to watch!)


Taking The Bull by the Horns.....

Have you really wanted to do something but...I know I have had a lot of BUTS in this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life (yep, another country song I love, it's an oldie but goodie! click to listen). I love those words, CRAZY, TRAGIC, SOMETIMES ALMOST MAGIC, AWFUL, BEAUTIFUL LIFE. It sums it all up perfectly! Life is all of these things. When I reflect on the journey that led me to these moments in my life, these moments sharing with all of you, these moments turning my dreams into reality, these moments laughing at the dinner table with our boys, these moments looking at these mountains in such awe, these moments at the FUNNY FARM loving on my furry friends, these moments shoveling sh** (ROWDY IS A COW PIE MAKING MACHINE!), I wouldn't change a thing. All the crazy, all the tragedy, all the awful has made possible all the beautiful and all the MAGIC (Big Magic, is one of my favorite books check it out to be inspired!). Every moment, every season has had purpose. I love the words by Epictetus, "adversity introduces a person to oneself,". Moving through adversity helps us all uncover our grit and hopefully our grace. I used to say I wanted to be fearless but now I know I need to feel my fear, face it. and overcome it. FAITH > FEAR. Our greatest strengths are forged in TAKING THE BULL BY THE HORNS and facing our fears. So, no more BUTS for me! 

So, it begins....

Starting a blog/podcast has been on my heart to do for a couple years now. I am passionate about all things FUNNY FARM, life, love, relationships, shenanigans, and living our best lives. This is me taking the bull by the horns! No more BUTS!!! No more "if onlys", it's now! It's amazing how my little funny farm inspires so much. So much joy, so much purpose, so much work that I love! If I can talk my family into getting goats, pigs, alpacas and cows because WHY NOT, I think sky it the limit on what else I can do, and all you can do too! Join me on this journey!  I look forward to sharing my heart and some love and shenanigans with you every week! I will keep everyone posted on the release of my first podcast episode. In the meantime, I had the honor of sharing my passion on THE PROUD POLICE WIFE Podcast this week. Click to read my friend, Rebecca's blog and listen to our talk about how to live a purposeful life even during challenging times. 


Until we connect again.....

I hope you find the magic in each day! When you look for the magic, you will find it's everywhere. For me, it's in laughter at the dinner table, it's sharing my heart with all of you, it's the silver lining in the cloudy sky, it's the funny farm, it's sunrises with new possibilities each day to find more magic!


Funny Farm Inspirations to live by!

Laugh 'til you snort or if you are in a funk snort 'til you laugh! I promise if you snort like Betty and June you will end up laughing!!! I hope your week is filled with love and shenanigans!


Much Gratitude,





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Wow oh let me say it again wow! Your an amazing friend, mom and shenanigans curator!!! I’ve never listened to a podcast so your will be my first. I’ll have to figure out how to navigate that. Looking forward to it! ❌⭕️

Jackie Anderson

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