Strong Enough to Bend

Strong Enough to Bend

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!

This week blew by! Literally, blew by. We had some crazy windy days here at the funny farm. If things weren't tied down, and even if they were some things blew away. Most of the funny farm gang lays low in the barn or animal shelter on crazy days like we had but the 'pacas and Rowdy enjoy sitting out and letting their hair blow in the wind. 

The whole gang loved getting loved on at out Yoga & Sips at the Funny Farm Day. So much fun was had by all! We raised some $$ for a cause we love, with some wonderful ladies and toasted to truly living life because tomorrow is never a guarantee. That reality was heavy on our hearts that day, as we lost a friend in an accident the evening before. In a moment everything can change. Cherish the moments. Celebrate the moments. And most of all be GRATEFUL for the moments. 

Summer is here and it was time for the 'Pacas to get a new summer look! The good news is Buddy can see again! No more fluffy face. Rasta and Merle relaxed like they were at a spa day. Teeth and toes are trimmed up too! Buddy did not like one bit of it. However, they are all feeling cool and fresh for summer! We have huge bags of fiber to get spun into yarn. One of these seasons maybe I will learn to knit! The rest of the gang watched with curiosity as each 'paca was sheared. Rowdy was not impressed with the new look. It was as though he couldn't believe is eyes. He had to look at them sideways and smell them to determine they were still his pals. Shaggy dew or short dew they are still their sweet selves. Love them! Fun Fact, Rasta has a song, every time it comes on, he seems to love it. So, post haircut I played his little tune. Just be you, Rasta, just be you!

JUST BE YOU By Anthem Lights (click to listen)

Strong Enough to Bend

As I drove home the other night from an evening out at one of my favorite small local venues, Live from the Divide for a Jesse Daniel performance (more on this later), the song Strong Enough to Bend came on the radio. I always love this song and the message, and it was especially relevant given the mad winds we had had blowing through in recent days. As I cruised along, I reflected on how sometimes a song says it all. I reflected on moments in my life and how important learning to bend has been. One of the secrets to living our best life is learning to bend so we don't break in life, and in love. May we all be strong enough to bend through the blessings and most of all the lessons on our journey. 

STONG ENOUGH TO BEND By Tanya Tucker (click to listen)


Simple Things

As I drove, I also reflected on the songs and stories Jesse Daniel had shared that evening (So many great ones!). He has learned to bend, grow, evolve, and be better for where he has been. In his words, he put down the bottle and picked up a pen and started writing. That has led to him doing what he loves, singing country music with the love of his life by his side. When touring came to a halt during 2020 they hopped in a car and drove. Their song, Simple Things came from that season. Love it! Being GRATEFUL for the simple things is yet another secret to living our BEST LIVES

SIMPE THINGS By Jesse Daniel (click to listen)

Simple things, tried and true
They prop you up, and they pull you through
If tomorrow brings me pain and strife
At least I've always have those little simple things in life




For me the simple things include quiet early mornings, hot coffee, big sky, mountains, sunshine, family, friends, celebrating the best moments of each day, a funny farm, shoveling sh*t, listening to my favorite tunes, eating good eats, sippin' good sips, loving like crazy and shenanigans! What are the simple things you are grateful for in this crazy life? Let me know in the comments. 


 Love & Shenanigans!




Until we connect again, may you laugh 'til you snorttake the bull by the horns (GRIT), give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, always look for the magic to celebrate, be grateful for the magic of moments, and LIVE LIKE SOMEONE LEFT THE GATE OPEN!


Much Gratitude, 




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The simple things that we appreciate in life…..sunsets, time together, moments of time with loved ones creating memories, our sweet loving Luna, Dozer, Amore and Serenity and her three family members , as they are unconditional love, breath, being present to the beauty of the beach, redwood forest, running..especially with my daughter, creating with my husband….and being alive!!!
Love your high vibration blog and LOVE YOU and your Funny Farm!!!!

Kari and Chris Scoggins

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