Strive to Thrive

Strive to Thrive

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!!!


I hope your week was full of love and shenanigans! As always, we had plenty of shenanigans around the funny farm!!! Betty and June love their pool; however, they love to push the side of it down and let the water pour out onto the dirt making a mud bath more! Oh, how they love to wallow, dig and lay in their muddy masterpiece. Rowdy loves to wade in the pool too. Not a day goes by I don’t catch him dipping his toes in the water. Yep, I hear a little Zac Brown singing in my head as I type. I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand LIFE IS GOOD TODAY. (click to listen and sing along)


Rowdy might not have a cold beer in his hand, but I just might be sipping some of my hubby’s cold apple pie moonshine at the end of the day. Life is good today. My cup is full, filled good times spent with old friends who came for a visit to make some new memories, laugh about old ones and meet the funny farm. As always, the funny farm gang was happy to get the extra loves and treats. Turns out their favorite treat was the watermelon! Nothing quite like sunshine, summertime and watermelon goodness!


In the spirt of sunshine, summertime and watermelon here is a fun little watermelon cocktail to enjoy a yummy summertime sip. Best enjoyed with good peeps to celebrate the magic of the day!





FLAWSOME. Isn’t this the best word!!!! My friend Molly used it to describe how we can be both flawed and awesome - FLAWSOME! We are all perfectly imperfect. The older I get the more I embrace my flaws as a part of what makes me, ME. The scars, the cussing a little (shoot I can't not share this fun little tune 'bout cussing a little, click to listen), the failures, the snorting when I laugh sometimes, the absentmindedness, the wrinkles, the waving like a goofball to get my family's attention in public, the terrible singing voice but singing anyway, are all a part of the lessons and the blessings that make life meaningful. Perfect is both unachievable and boring. Striving for perfection can rob us of our joy. Striving to thrive is where the magic lies. We ALL have flaws, embrace them.


FLAWS by Alan Jackson (click to listen)

All my flaws, everybody's got 'em

You can bet your last two dollars

There ain't no ten's

All them flaws

One's you came with and you caused 'em

Scars or tattoo's that went rotten

We all got them flaws

Should never be ashamed, embarrassed or afraid

'Cause everyone has something they don't like

Remember we're all made with water, dirt and grace...


GRACE - I love this word/motto. Give yourself and others some grace. Grit & Grace - key ingredients to THRIVE. 

GRIT - courage and resolve; strength of character

GRACE - approval, favor, mercy, pardon, disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency



In the spirit of being FLAWSOME we have some fun new gear click here to check it out!



Speaking of thriving, I did a thing last week. I had the word thrive tattooed on the inside of my wrist. My hope is for it to always remind me to strive to THRIVE. Especially in the hard moments, days, and even seasons that come and go on this crazy journey of live. I will CHOOSE to THRIVE not just survive. It’s on my heart to not only thrive in my own life but to inspire others to thrive in their lives too. My tattoo is a reminder that part of thriving is speaking up! Not being afraid to say what you need to say. When the tattoo artist prepared the script for my tattoo, I liked it, but I didn't love it. It was bolder and maybe a little too perfect for my vision. However, I did what I often do and didn't want to be difficult, so I said yes let's do it. I do LOVE it now. Though it's not exactly what I envisioned, it is exactly what I needed to remind me not to compromise on what matters most to me, to be bold, to speak up when it matters. It reminds me both of my weaknesses, aka flaws and my strengths- adaptability, finding the good in most things. 


What do you need to THRIVE? More often than not, we don't take the time to really consider this because we are too busy just surviving.  For me, thriving is having a funny farm in Montana, my family, my tribe, talking to God, trusting my intuition, feeling strong, finding/feeling joy, impacting others in a positive way, laughing, loving, being silly, listening to good tunes, taking new adventures, purposefully pursuing my dreams, being GRATEFUL, sippin' good sips, eating good eats, having financial means to live how I want to live and GIVE how I want to give, taking ownership of my life - all of it - the good and the bad, the things I can control and the things I can't control- OWNING IT! My wish for you, whether you are 18 or 80, is to take the time to consider what is your BEST LIFE, let yourself DREAM and believe you can THRIVE.



Until we connect again, may you laugh 'til you snorttake the bull by the horns (GRIT), give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, always look for the magic to celebrate, be GRATEFUL, LIVE LIKE SOMEONE LEFT THE GATE OPEN, make it a good one and strive to THRIVE!


Much Gratitude, 




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I always love reading the comments! Thank you for sharing!!!


I love your new Thrive Tattoo!!! Thank you for sharing another fun and amazing week at the Love and Shenanigans Farm….love the recipes, songs, thoughts and especially FUN!
We are always smiling while reading your blog!! Ps also love our Howdy Rowdy cups. Ready for a flawsome purchase next!!!!!

Kari and Chris

I love the inspiration to thrive & be flawsome! Hopefully, I spend the rest of my lifetime living my best life. Thank you for the beautiful lesson on Grace. I love the tattoo!


My favorite Friday blog. It always makes me happy and feel apart of as I read along. Love you and love your perceptions of life, love and the in betweens.

Laina Vann aka adoring lil sis

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