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I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Shenanigans were in full swing here at the Funny Farm! Chip and Lucy are double trouble together! Lucy loves her new best buddy. The funny farm gang was all eyes on us as we busted a move on the sled hill Jeff built for winter shenanigans!!! We were most definitely living like someone left the gate open. I can’t, not scream when hauling booty, head first into the dark night on my sled. Rowdy didn’t know what to think of all the festivities but he seemed to be all smiles. Between family fun, laughter, good tunes, good sips, yummy eats, a lot of love and of course, shenanigans it was a very Merry Christmas.


It's a beautiful world sometimes I don't see so clear

Some days you just breath in

Just try to break even

Sometimes your heart's

Poundin' out of your chest

Sometimes it's just beatin'

Some days you just forget

What all you've been given

Yeah, some days you just get back

And some days you're just alive

Some days you're livin' (click here to tap your toes to this sweet tune by Dierks Bentley)


Some days you’re just alive and some day you’re LIVIN’! Night sledding on Christmas Eve  was one of those really LIVIN’ moments. Carefree, crazy, fun!!!! Cheers to LIVIN’! ♥️



Rowdy, Clyde, Betty and June enjoyed their Christmas morning french toast left overs the most. Merle loved his blueberries and they all gobbled up their yummy sweet mix. Chip, oh sweet Chip loves his bottle time and following Lucy into the house, and I love my snuggle time! Always shenanigans and I think it’s safe to say we are all living our BEST LIFE.



 Life is good but sh*t happens. Yep, I have a song for that! (Listen HERE!) Little sh*t, like Chip 💩ing in the house, losing wifi for three days due to extreme cold temps, my phone taking a poop, waking up to the crash of our Christmas tree falling over last night and less little sh*t like the water pressure regulator on our well going out leading to so much pressure our pipes started leaking at the seams, and dripping though the ceiling, requiring us to turn off the water for two days. Still not big sh*t but definitely inconvenient sh*t. In the middle of the madness of the water pressure mess I looked up to see about a hundred elk passing through down by the funny farm. Magic in the messy for sure. Perspective is everything, of course the sh*t happening was a pain in the you know what, but no one was sick or dying so, relatively speaking it is all little sh*t. Much to be GRATEFUL for. Check out our Sh*t Creek Survivor Inspirations, HERE!



 Oh my goodness, speaking of sh*t not going how we envision it?! The temps finally warmed up out of the negatives so I thought it was time to take Chip for a stroll down to the funny farm to meet the rest of the gang. My vision was Chip sweetly tootling along with me all the way there. I put on his halter just in case but held it loosely. Welp, that’s not what happened! Instead, he got startled and began to run! I tightened my grip as our little guy pulled me along on the ice covering our driveway, then the rope slipped through my fingers and he was off. He got to the funny farm and they all stared at him through the fence with curiosity. He got spooked again and ran out onto our neighbor’s wide open two hundred acres. I ran to catch up and he ran and ran! He looked so tiny in the wide open space. I had a flash of the giant coyote I had seen recently, for a second I pictured a terrible scenario happening right before my eyes. I was wishing I had his bottle to coax him back and a gun just in case!  Long story, less long,  I stopped running and after trekking through hip deep snow for him, he found his way back to me. We made our way into the barnyard and the whole gang was super curious and sweet. I got some adorable pictures of their first greeting. Moral of this story: Life doesn’t always go how we plan, we sure look perfect in pictures, but life is perfectly imperfect and often so much more behind the highlight reel. Always shenanigans! Faith and a sip of my hubby’s homemade apple moonshine help!!!



 As 2022 comes to an end I have been reflecting on the lessons and blessings of the year.

Grateful for all there is to CELEBRATE and letting go of what I need to let go of to embrace all that is possible in the year ahead.

One of the things I am celebrating is starting the Victim-Survivor-THRIVER (V-S-T) Podcast. I am grateful to be following my heart and making this longtime dream a reality. I am even more grateful for the those who have shared their stories and those who have reached out sharing the impact those stories have had on them. Together we can make a difference and THRIVE. Episode 10 was released this week! Check it out HERE.


Cheers to you, cheers to me, cheers to love and shenanigans, cheers to finding the magic in the messy and all that possible in 2023!!!

Here is a fun little Spotify Celebration playlist! Including the songs Livin’ & Good Sh*t Happens from above! Listen HERE!


Until we connect again, may you laugh ‘til you snorttake the bull by the horns, give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, live like someone left the gate open, make it a good one, strive to thrive, love like crazy, enjoy the little things, always look for the miracles to celebratebe grateful, embrace the messy, turn it into your magic, dance, keep learning, growing, getting better, crossing things off your bucket list, spreading a little love around, chasing your hearts desires, walking through the raindrops, do what sets your soul on fire and really LIVE! Cheers to a new year and new possibilities!!!


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Much Gratitude, 




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Still giggling with the vision of Chip pulling you across the driveway😍 Love the story behind the scenes!!! I love that you handle the pipes leaking(probably from -40 degrees) , so no water, no electricity…..(sh…t happening) and most would be very upset !!! And you all handle it with Grace
and ease🙏💫👍 Love the real life stories!!!
Love all of the snow fun!!!!
Love you all and The Funny Farm!!!!
Thank you for sharing the laughs!

Chris and Kari Scoggins

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