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It's a good day to have a good! As always, the days have been filled with lots of love and shenanigans here at the funny farm. Merle, our lighter brown fluffy alpaca just loves to love. He is always trying to snuggle and love on the rest of the gang. Some appreciate his affections more than others! June our sweet, kune kune pig, tolerates his cuddles the best. It's hilarious watching them pal around together. Betty our other kune kune girl is all about fitting as much food in her mouth as possible and running off to savor the fruits, veggies or day-old breads. She loves to "pig out!" Each one of the funny farm family has such a cool, unique personality. It's one of the many things I love about all the daily shenanigans! Huckleberry is the leader of the goat pack and my little side kick, always by my side as I listen to my favorite tunes and shovel sh*t. Rowdy is my sweet, curious fella. Bonnie and Clyde are double trouble! Ricky and Jerry are our tenacious baby goat twins, so cute I let them get in more mischief than I should. Moo, oh sweet Moo is the other baby goat full of heart and courage. Love my little Moo. Rasta, our Suri alpaca has all the swagger and sizes everyone up before deciding if they are cool. Last but not least Buddy our fluffy black 'paca has such a fluffy face he can hardly see right now. He's a sweetheart unless he is wrestling with Rasta! They never spit at anyone but each other. SHENANIGANS!!!



I am super excited to host a fun event this weekend here at the funny farm to support a charity close to our hearts. BIG SKY BRAVERY. Big Sky Bravery is founded on the belief that we owe a debt of gratitude to the members of our military’s active duty special operations forces. As elite military members, these individuals risk their lives to protect us. They do so under the radar and out of the spotlight. It is because of their selflessness and bravery that we are able to enjoy living in a safe and free America. Click here to learn more about their mission. So many of my favorite things! Yoga, MOONSHINE & other sips, the funny farm, SUNSHINE, and amazing ladies. Someone asked if were are going to do goat yoga, I said, only if we drink the moonshine first! 



I know I have shared it has been a really wet spring so many projects that have been planned around our property have been pushed back and all began this week! It has been bit chaotic to say the least. As a result, I am behind on some things and other things won't be as perfectly in order I would like, as I prepare for the Yoga & Sips shenanigans tomorrow, so I have had to take a deep breath and remind myself SO WHAT, NOW WHAT. 

The phrase SO WHAT, NOW WHAT means a lot to our family and has become a motto that we live by. Life happens, aka sh*t happens, the NOW WHAT is what really counts. How we choose to respond to the blessings and the lessons is what really matters in this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life (I can't not sing this song in my head when I talk about life, it just sums it all up so perfectly, click to listen). NOW WHAT is where we take our power back. For me this usually includes talking to God, stopping to be grateful, focusing on what I can control and letting go of what I can't. Sometimes easier said than done but truly a game changer in life. 

Now what, well, everything at our property won't be as in order as the event planner in me would like but we will have an amazing sunshiny day, under the beautiful Montana sky, overlooking the magic of the mountains, watching the baby elk hanging in the gully below, with a funny farm for an audience, followed by good conversations, sipping good sips, and shenanigans with some BADASS ladies all excited to support a charity close to our hearts. Much to be GRATEFUL for. 


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Speaking of SO WHAT, NOW WHAT, we got a tattoo last Friday! Our son Kolton, who recently turned 18 wanted to get a tattoo. Last year after reading a mindset course I was creating about the power of SO WHAT, NOW WHAT he decided this was the phrase he wanted to have forever with him.  Knowing what this motto means to our family Jeff and I decided we would join him too. Kyler plans to get one too, this time when he turns 18! It will forever be a reminder that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we choose to navigate what happens. The little stuff, the big stuff, the sweet stuff, and especially the hard stuff, our power lies in how we choose to respond to all of it. I chose to include a small silhouette of a bird next to my phrase that represents so much to me, fly high, strength, grace, beauty, possibilities, and most of all two of the theme songs to the soundtrack of my life. 
It has been uphill sometimes, we have laughed, loved, cried, fallen, broken and grown through the hurricanes of life. Our now what is that we are stronger and better for where we have been, living each day with more intention and purpose, making our dreams a reality on a funny farm in Montana. SO WHAT, NOW WHAT. Definitely magic to celebrate! My hope for all of you is to focus on the NOW WHAT and choose to live your BEST LIFE too!





Until we connect again, may you laugh 'til you snorttake the bull by the horns (GRIT), give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, always look for the magic to celebrate, be grateful for the magic of moments, and LIVE LIKE SOMEONE LEFT THE GATE OPEN!


Much Gratitude, 




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Thank you! I love getting to share a little of my heart here.♥️


Love the songs, sayings, pictures and heartfelt sharing! Thank you!
Have fun tomorrow at Yoga and Sips!

Kari and Chris Scoggins

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