Seasons Change

Seasons Change

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!

Time flies when you’re having fun! As usual, the shenanigans have been in full swing around here. Betty and June love their mud puddle, eating good eats, and daily belly rubs. The whole gang has enjoyed evening walks outside the fence, well everyone but Buddy. He just can’t quite figure out how they all get out as he looks at them through the wide open gate! Oh my heart, he makes me smile. Rowdy continues to be ROWDY, tipping over the feed and water troughs randomly. His new official name is Damn It Rowdy! Though he is a mischievous fella I love him and his daily shenanigans. He is just living his best life. Gotta love it! As I type I have three goofy pups at my feet and Tinkerbell the OG of all the animals purring on my lap.  Definitely moments to be GRATEFUL for.


Tink became a part of the family in 2009. I picked her up from a family giving kittens away at Walmart. It was an ask forgiveness not permission kinda moment and surprised Jeff when he got home. Oh boy, the stories she could tell. She has been along for the ride through some of our hardest seasons. Always there to snuggle up and give some loves. She was kind of the neighborhood cat, everyone knew her. She would walk right out in front of cars expecting some pets, which she often got. She commands attention when she wants it. The boys were little and would walk to the famous Christopher Michael Lane ( where all the fun shenanigans used to happen, stories for another day, but those who know, know and are smiling reading this) to hang with their best buds. Tink would follow them and wait on the porch until she could follow them home again. Their little guardian angel. She is getting older and might be a little blind but she still earns her keep, proudly catching mice and keeping the pups in check. She is the BOSS. Funny farm life suits her well.


The Western Photoshoot at the Funny Farm! Magic!!!


The photoshoot festivities were a success last weekend! It was so fun to observe Oakley’s vision come to life. She put so much work into creating this opportunity for all the photographers, models, & boutiques to shine. Everyone had their own magic to offer. So much to celebrate! Rowdy did great until he ate all the treats and was over it! He was so curious about all the people, cars, and shenanigans going on. In the end he was done and went back to his gate ready and waiting for me to put him back with the rest of the gang. I tried to get the alpacas to join the fun but they had their own fun in mind! Always shenanigans!!!


A special THANK YOU to Kristie and Rob Donaghey for bringing these beautiful horses over at 5:30 am to make the magic happen!



Check out some of the fun goodies I had to have that were modeled at the shoot! Thank you The Bitterroot Bonnie and Silver Dun Jewelry!




Seasons Change

 I can feel Fall in the air.  The air is cool and crisp in the morning while shoveling sh*t and listening to my favorite tunes. I love the change of seasons, the ending of one and the beginning of the next, memories to cherish and possibilities to embrace. I reflect both on the end of the summer season filled with adventure, sunshine, and freedom, as well as the season of life that is behind us.  Kolton graduated from high school, now pursuing new opportunities, it will be the first time since 2011 that both of our boys won’t be in the first day of school picture. We blinked and now only Kyler will be on the football field under the Friday night lights. My heart is full looking back on the season behind us, grateful for the blessings and the lessons along the way. Don’t blink, wait for it.....yep I have a song playing on the jukebox in my mind.


DON’T BLINK by Kenny Chesney (click to listen)

 Don't blink, just like that you're six years old

And you take a nap

And you wake up and you're twenty-five

And your high school sweetheart becomes your wife

Don't blink, you just might miss

Your babies growing like mine did

Turning into moms and dads

Next thing you know your better half

Of fifty years is there in bed

And you're praying God takes you instead

Trust me friend a hundred years

Goes faster than you think, so don't blink....



 Speaking of blinking! How is football season here again? Last Friday was the Black and Blue Scrimmage for Kyler’s team. I love watching him out there doing what he loves. I love watching Jeff out there doing what he loves, coaching. For the first time in a long time Kolton was sitting with me in the stands. Seasons change. Kolton went down to talk to Kyler towards the end of the game, it made my heart smile to watch them laugh and talk. Brothers and forever buds. Sometimes when I look at them I still see the little chubby cheeked, toe heads that used to jump on the beds and hide in the clothes racks and giggle at target.  They were my sweet ROWDY boys! Maybe that’s why Rowdy’s shenanigans make me smile so much. They fought but in the end they were always the best of friends. Watching them from the bleachers last Friday was my magic moment to CELEBRATE. They have something special, brotherly love. Yep, if you know me, you know I have a song for that!!! I love this one. I still remember watching the video on CMT as a girl. My favorite channel! 

BROTHERLY LOVE by Keith Whitley (click to listen)

 We shared the same last name and the same color eyes,

But we fought like tigers over that old red bike.

"I'm battin' first and you can't use my glove."

It wouldn't take long until push came to shove.

But we looked out for each other,

With brotherly love.......

There's a bond that brothers know,

And it gets stronger as they grow.

A love that time and miles can't come between.

We disagree but in the end,

There will never be two closer friends.

And brotherly love is something we all need.

Moments to CELEBRATE 



Sisterly love is pretty awesome too! I am grateful to my handsome hubby and boys for holding the Funny Farm together so I can head to Scottsdale for the weekend with my sister, learning, growing, no doubt laughin’ a little ‘til we snort, sippin’ good sips, eating good eats, and networking with some awesome powerhouse women. I hope to come back refreshed, inspired and ready to shovel more sh*t and take the bull by the horns with all I have in the works! Cheers!




Until we connect again, may you laugh ‘til you snort, take the bull by the horns, give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, be grateful, live like someone left the gate open, make it a good one, strive to thrive, LOVE LIKE CRAZY, enjoy the little things, always look for the magic to celebrate and embrace the changing seasons.

Much Gratitude, 




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Here are a few more fun behind the scenes shots from the photoshoot shenanigans!























This weeks blog is very special to me!! Love the old timers Tink….and of course Moose too!!
The precious pictures of the boys and their sweet brother, Forever relationship! Chubby cheeks grown into beautiful men!
Love the Shenanigan photo shoot, especially Kolton and Allie!!!
Always love the songs too! Thank you for sharing the JOY😍

Kari and Chris Scoggins

Time flies by so fast that so many wonderful memories may have gone unnoticed or been forgotten had those moments not been captured in a picture! ❤️

Elaine Wolfgang

Love love this one ! The OG Tink and the boys as little boys memories especially . It’s amazing how a thought from many years ago can seem so present day to moms – but when telling it to the boys it seems like a life time ago to them . That’s another magical moment of motherhood ❤️

Molly Russo

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