Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!

We have been traveling since last Friday! One of the realities of having a Funny Farm is that I have really tied myself down with daily responsibilities. I am so grateful to have an amazing family staying at our house, handling the daily chores, loving on everyone, and kindly sending me pictures of the usual shenanigans!!! It takes a village, or as I like to say “my tribe”.
I am so grateful for my Tribe! The tribe I was born with, family, and the tribe I have chosen, FRAMILY (friends that have become family)!
I shared last week in my blog that as I typed I lost the whole thing. As you can imagine I was disappointed to have to start back at square one. Knowing I was going to be traveling this week I had planned to write a blog about our LOVE & SHENANIGANS for this week in advance too. When I lost everything I knew there would not be time for that anymore. Sometimes things don’t go like we plan. No matter how much we prepare and do the things to set ourselves up for success, things go sideways. I sat with my frustration and knew there was purpose in what had just happened. I walked away, deciding it would reveal itself in the right time. And it did!

Root and Wings......

I went my about doing my chores, changing the water trough water, filling up the oats bins, shovelin’ the s**t, listening to some tunes, taking in the view of the mountains and big sky around me, feeling grateful for where I live when this song played, Roots and Wings by Jessie James Decker, click to listen.
Roots and wings
I'm somewhere in between
Where I'm from and what I dream
What I've known and what I've seen
No matter where I go
The sky above, the ground below
My heart will have a home
Cause I got these
Roots and wings
I am truly grateful for my roots and wings. My roots have given me a stong foundation in strength, love, FAITH, perserverance, family, the simple things that matter most, an appreciation for COUNTRY SUNSHINE and sittin' and sippin' on a covered porch chatting with people we love. These roots helped give me my wings. The wings that flew my family and I to Montana to pursue our ever-evolving dreams. 
The Hunt for the Golden Egg
Cousin Shenanigans!

Front Porch.....

We went back to our hometown this week to see family and friends. Gathering for Easter at my Ma & Papa's (my grandparent's) home is one of my favorite family traditions. As I sat on the porch looking down to the field below watching the next generation of kids hunt for the golden egg my heart smiled. Joy. So many memories passed through my mind like a highlight reel of the seasons of my life. So many blessings and lessons have happened here. The big oak trees all around are metaphor for the roots I grew here. The roots that give me the strength to pursue my own dreams. The roots that show up when I reflect on who I am and where I am today. When we were looking for the house we call home in Montana, the one thing I was clear on is, I wanted a porch with a view to sit and sip on. All the best conversations happen sitting side by side on a porch. The real, deep, raw conversations and the funny, silly, belly laughing ones too. My hope is that our front porch, like Ma and Papa's, will be the place our kids and grandkids heart's call home too. The roots to their wings. The world needs a front porch like Ma and Papa's. Yep, I have a song for that! 


If The World Had A Front Porch - By Tracy Lawrence

If the world had a front porch like we did back then
We'd still have our problems, but we'd all be friends
Treating your neighbor like he's your next of kin
Wouldn't be gone with the wind
If the world had a front porch, like we did back then (click to listen)


Ma & Pa's Front Porch


Home Sweet Home...

Home is where the people we love are. It's been an amazing week visiting family and friends. I love that we always pick up where we left off with our tribe. It's so awesome to see our kids do the same with their friends and cousins. ROOTS. Looking forward to seeing all my furry funny farm friends when we get home. Feeling grateful for my roots and wings. 


Until we connect again, may you laugh 'til you snort, take the bull by the horns (GRIT), give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, always look for the MAGIC to CELEBRATE!


Much Gratitude, 




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