Magic in the Messy

Magic in the Messy

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!!!

It’s seems time is dancing by! As usual it’s all shenanigans around here! Betty and June love their belly rubs, Moo is becoming my daily chore sidekick, just like Huckleberry. So nosey and curious about my every move. I love it! Buddy is as sweet as ever, Merle wanders around looking for any of the gang to let him love on them, Rasta sizes everyone and everything up, Bonnie and Clyde, well their names sum them up perfectly, and Rowdy is, ROWDY!


Rowdy’s horns continue to grow. He loves to see what trouble he can stir up with them! Two days in a row I filled the big water trough to the tip top and put some large rocks in it, hopeful it would discourage him from bucking it over. NOPE!!! He is so proud of himself! Challenge accepted. I will keep y’all posted!



Then and now.  Rowdy has been with us for a year this week. He has grown so much! Love him and his shenanigans! You can get your Rowdy inspired gear HERE!






Do you ever feel like you are being guided? I know with all my heart I am. It’s no coincidence I am here, dancing in the kitchen, shoveling sh*t, talking to God, observing miracles every day and my sharing my heart with you. Call it God, the universe, intuition or as I believe, ALL THE THINGS, are always guiding me. Sometimes it’s messy and other times it’s magic but it’s all something to CELEBRATE

Funny Farm Inspired Celebrate Inspirations, click to explore




Speaking of Then and Now, I shared a fun throwback and remake of a family picture we did when the boys were little of Jeff and I kissing with them covering their eyes on social media this week. When I shared it, I also included the caption below because the not perfect, messy, behind the scenes MATTERS. 




28 years together this month, 22 married.  It all looks perfect in the pictures. Reflecting on the seasons that have come and gone, there have been some almost perfect moments (because there is no such thing as perfect), laughter, tears, broken moments, growing apart, growing together, learning, overcoming, and loving each other through the good times and the really hard times. In some of the hardest seasons we could always laugh. It is so true laughter is the best medicine.

 One time I was so mad/sad and truly deflated walking away from a hard conversation with Jeff. I got halfway down the stairs, stopped, got a fire in my belly, turned around and ran back up the stairs and full on tackled him!!! The look on his face was priceless! Holy sh*t she’s taking me out look!!! Now that I think about it maybe Kyler gets his tackling skills in football from me! I am little but badassie!!! Post tackle we fell to the ground and started cracking up.

I share this because there is always more behind the perfect pictures. Maybe someone going through a hard season needs to hear this. Fight for what you stand for and who you love! Laugh a lot and gross your kids out with kisses.♥️



My heart, God, the universe, ALL THE THINGS, spoke to me as I looked at this picture of then and now, all the moments in between, messy and magic, ran like a marquee through my mind, and I knew I needed to share that there has been messy. The messy matters. I was grateful for all the responses I received in appreciation of sharing our messy. I know a part of my purpose is shining a light on what is real in life and love. 

It is because of the messy along the way that I am so aware of the magic and miracles happening around me every day. It’s because of the messy I know love like I do today. It’s because of the messy we had the courage to take a leap of faith and move our family to our perfect canvas in Montana. It’s because of the messy I have a funny farm full of love and shenanigans to share with you each day. How we learn and grow from the messy is what makes the magic. The magic is up to us!!!


The magic is up to us, that is both exciting and scary as hell. Exciting because that means we can all have a little magic in our lives. Scary because it means we have to own our sh*t and start looking in at our choices rather than out at our circumstances. Of course, hard things beyond our control will impact our journey but our magic lies in how we CHOOSE to respond to all the things. 





What is your ideal story? What are you doing to make that your reality? It’s not too late to do something different. To CHOOSE your story. Live your story. Make your magic. Be your miracle!

If life is messy, choose what you can, let go of what you can’t, talk to God, trust the universe, and your intuition. I know you too, are being guided. 10 plus years ago I loved but was broken, I was weak in so many ways but also found my strength, my power, and my badassieness! I think I made that word up but it’s a keeper!!! I found myself. My darkest moments were also some of my best moments because the messy helped me find my magic.


 Gratefulness changes everything. Click here for my FAVORITE Gratitude Journal.  Five minutes of reflecting on what you are grateful for every day will create miracles in your life. MAGIC!




I don’t have the answers, but I can tell you GRATITUDE changes everything and it helps to DANCE LIKE THERE’S NO YESTERDAY, then YOU write your story for tomorrow.

LIKE THERE’S NO YESTERDAY by Mark Wills (click to listen)

If you've been lost, if you've been wrong

If you've been broken and left all alone

If you've seen night, you thought wouldn't end

If you felt like you don't have any friends

This is your time, this is your chance

To dance like you've never been hurt, like you've never been sad, baby

Dance, like this beautiful moment is all that you have

Don't be afraid all your waitin' is over

Just look in my eyes and not over your shoulder

Don't let one memory get in your way

Baby, dance like there's no yesterday


And if you need a little somthing to get dancing through life today here are few more tunes to make the magic happen! Click the links and get DANCING. 


All She Want To Do Is Dance by Don Henley

 I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me - Whitney Houston

Shut up and dance - Walk the Moon

Can’t Stop the Feeling - Because JT always gets us GROOVING!

 Fancy Like - Walker Hayes Because I always gotta have a little country!



Until we connect again, may you laugh ‘til you snort, take the bull by the horns, give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, live like someone left the gate open, make it a good one, strive to thrive, LOVE LIKE CRAZY, enjoy the little things, always look for the magic to celebrate, embrace the changing seasons, be grateful, embrace the messy and turn it into your magic!


Much Gratitude, 




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There is refreshing beauty in being authentic!!!. Life can be and is messy, yet the intimacy is opened up when things are a little or sometimes a lot….Thank you for opening up our hearts and allowing love and intimacy in our lives! Btw ….you are a badass!!!!

Kari and Chris Scoggins

There is refreshing beauty in being authentic!!!. Life can be and is messy, yet the intimacy is opened up when things are a little or sometimes a lot….Thank you for opening up our hearts and allowing love and intimacy in our lives! Btw ….you are a badass!!!!

Kari and Chris Scoggins


Molly russo

Your badassiness inspires! ( Badassiness needs to be added to the dictionary!) Love and admire your transparency and realness. 💕

Lisa Aguilera

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