Livin’ & Lovin’

Livin’ & Lovin’


Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!

I am sitting on the porch soaking up the warmth the afternoon sun, watching the funny farm, watching me, as sit down to share my words from the heart this week. Our pups Lucy, Moose, and Waylon are loving the magic of the afternoon, basking in the perfect balance of warm sunshine and cool breeze. I look down to the barnyard to see Rowdy proudly lying next to his bucked over feed trough, with his fluffy hair blowing in the wind. The goats are meandering about nibbling while the ‘pacas and the pigs lazily lay out, also soaking up the sunshine. Fall colors are sprinkled across the mountains, the only sound is the wind blowing through the tall grass and trees. It’s as though there is a universal understanding between the animals and me that days like this are limited, as winter will be knocking on fall’s door soon. So, we sit, quietly soaking up the sun, thankful for moments like this. My Church. ♥️


While the usual shenanigans are quiet for the moment the last week has been full of them! Last Friday was Kyler’s homecoming football game. Raptors for the win!!! It’s awesome to watch him do what he loves. Saturday all the kids were looking dapper for the dance!  It’s still hard to believe these days have come and gone for Kolton. It went too fast, so I don’t take for granted, this too shall pass. In moments, I still get a glimpse of my rowdy, chubby cheeked, little dudes. These are the days we will remember. Yep, I have a song for that...

THESE ARE THE DAYS - Keith Urban (click to listen)

These are the days we will remember

And these are the times that won't come again, hmm

The highest of flames becomes an ember

And you gotta live 'em while you can



Life's for LIVIN’

Life is better when we are really living! In that spirit Jeff and I hopped on an early Saturday morning flight headed to Sonora, for our friends, that are family, Chris and Macee’s wedding. Weddings are the best!!! Love these two love birds. They go together like Pizza and Beer was part of the theme for this magical evening celebrating their forever love. The real theme was LOVE. As we listened to them say their vows my heart smiled.  I smiled for them, and I smiled for all of us who stood there on that beautiful hilltop next to the ones we vowed to love forever. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jeff and I said I do but nothing puts that in perspective like the fact that the groom was only two years old when he was in our wedding over 22 years ago.



It’s easy to choose love when it’s easy. There will always be peaks and valleys. The secret for all of us who were standing there next to our forever love, watching them say I do, is we continued to choose love in the valleys. It’s rare anymore to have both the bride and groom’s parents still together holding hands on their kid's wedding day. Faith, Love and a Badass Tribe to have their backs through peaks and valleys will surely see these two love birds through to their own kids' wedding day.


Badass Tribe ❤️

So many testaments to the Badass Tribe, they have surrounding them were apparent from the family and friends coming together to make the magical evening all they dreamed it would be, to the heartfelt toasts filled with love and laughter, to the “forever love” dance that invited every married couple to the dance floor. The DJ instructed us to keep dancing until he announced the number of years we had been married, at which time we excused ourselves until the couple who had been married the longest was still dancing. It was pretty awesome to still have a pretty full dance floor when we reached our 22 years. In the end my grandparents, best known by all who love them as Ma and Pa, had been dancing through life together for the longest at 66 years. May we all aspire to know lasting love like that. Something to celebrate!


 Ma & Pa 

A Toast to Forever 🥂 

Let’s raise our glass to young love, old love, forever love, and a lifetime of dancing.

A Lifetime of Dancin’ to Do - Jerrod Niemann (click to play the perfect song for a slow dance in the kitchen tonight!)

Hold on, I need your loving next to me

Hold on, keep following each other's lead

I'll go ahead and say I'm sorry

Cause I'm knowing that I'm probably

Gonna take a wrong step or two

Hold on, while I hold on to you

We got a lifetime of dancin' to do


There is just something about being in the one you love’s arms, swaying to a special tune that makes you feel connected. Somehow everything else can just melt away and you remember why you started. I do. I do too. 

Our trip was short but oh so sweet! We got to celebrate with friends and family we love. My cup ran over with gratitude to be back where we come from. I love the community that helped shape us into who we are today. Grateful for our roots and wings. Grateful for our Tribe. Grateful for forever love. 


Coming Soon!


Speaking of roots, wings, life, love and all the things, I am so excited for the upcoming launch of my Victim-Survivor-THRIVER Podcast next month. I have had the opportunity to interview some amazing people whose stories will no doubt, inspire you like they do me. I can’t wait to share the REAL, honest, raw, light, and heavy of life and love in this CRAZY, TRAGIC, SOMETIMES ALMOST MAGIC, AWFUL, BEAUTIFUL LIFE (Yep, there is that song again, click to listen). If these words don’t perfectly sum up life, I don’t know what does. Life is a journey full of challenges (lessons) and blessings. When we learn to embrace uncertainty and challenges as a blessing too, the game of life changes. My hope is to offer HOPE, insight and resources to our Tribe. Together we can laugh, cry, grow, be inspired, inspire, and find magic in the messy so that we can all THRIVE. Stay tuned for updates!!!

Love & Shenanigans 💕🐽

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Until we connect again, may you laugh ‘til you snort, take the bull by the horns, give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, live like someone left the gate open, make it a good one, strive to thrive, love like crazy, enjoy the little things, always look for the magic to celebrate, be grateful, embrace the messy, turn it into your magic, notice the miracles, dance in the kitchen, and reflect, let go and celebrate!


Much Gratitude, 




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