Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!

It was so great to see family and friends last week, and I am grateful to be HOME SWEET HOME! I missed the funny farm, our pups, and my own bed. I feel like I am still getting my daily groove back after being off my game for a week. I wish the magic fairies would come and clean the house and do the piles of laundry still waiting for me. lol. Unfortunately, I am the magic fairy!  My homecoming greeting was the best though. Kisses from the whole gang! I went down and sat in the barn for a bit, Betty and June were all about the snuggles. June buries her giant, adorable head in my lap and snuggles right in and Betty just rolls over for belly rubs, because belly rubs are the BEST! No doubt these little "big" ladies are living their BEST LIFE. As I sat there the baby goats kept running over and jumping on the pigs! June finally had enough and chased Ricky out of the barn!!! No bad days when I am among these shenanigans. Eventually, I made my way outside and sat for a bit as the "pacas", goats, and Rowdy gathered around for their loves. Rowdy was so sweet leaving a wet, muddy kiss on my cheek. When I came up to the house Jeff cracked up at my messy face. Time with family and friends, and country roads bringing us home to a funny farm in the mountains under this big sky (Yep, one of the best road trippin' songs, love me some John Denver! click to listen) are all so much magic to CELEBRATE! Fun fact, I LOVE that our teenage boys and their high school football team always sing this song on the away game bus trips. 

Home Sweet Home at THE FUNNY FARM


 Sh*t Happens, literally.....

Just when I felt like I was getting back on track 'ish", playing catch up from being away Lucy our Rowdy heeling, goat chasing, poop eating, adventuring, little pup got an explosive diarrhea bug. Jeff and I had just settled into bed, pooped ourselves from road tripping and catching up, when our son, Kolton got home from work and walked into our mudroom to find a trail of sh*t from there through the laundry room, then the kitchen, into the living room, around the coffee table, into the entry way, and then into our room. I had just smelled something too but thought it was Jeff from all the In and Out burger on our trek! Yep, throwing him under the bus because I don't fart, I fluff! Turns out it was not fart or fluff it was an explosion of sh*t EVERYWHERE!!! Poor girl. We put her outside as we set about cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Kolton excused himself so he would not add vomit to the mess. Jeff would normally have had to do the same but perks of covid, over a year and a half ago and he still can't smell! I have always been the sh*t and vomit navigator in the house so I was beyond grateful that he could participate with this hazmat situation. Needless to say, it was a long night and not an overly productive day today. We went to the vet and she is on the mend, thank goodness!

There is always a silver lining, I needed a new living room rug anyway!  Just like life, sh*t happens, it's not if, but when and all that really matters is how we choose to deal with the sh*t. I choose to make the best out of life's sh*t and I cuss a little (yep, I have a song for that!). Lucy will be back to her usual shenanigans soon and I have a sanitized house and a new rug. Living my BEST LIFE and hopefully a GOOD STORY filled with LOVE AND SHENANIGANS!


Faith & Whiskey Help...

Oh and Faith and Whiskey help sometimes too! Here is a super fun little recipe my sister made for me while I was there. So yummy! 


Earl Grey Creme Old Fashioned

2oz Art of Tea's Earl Grey Creme, steeped and chilled (click link to buy from AMALA, her awesome shop!)

2oz Maker's Mark

2 dashes Fee Brother's Old Fashion Bitters

3 Maraschino cherries

1 sugar cube

1 orange peel

Splash soda water

1 Maraschino cherry or orange slice for garnish (optional)


Steep 1 tsp Earl Grey Creme for 3 min. Cool to room temperature. In a rocks glass (mason jar worked great too! I love mason jars for all things!), muddle together cherries, sugar cube, orange peel, and bitters. Add ice and combine 2oz Earl Grey Creme and bourbon. Stir and finish off with a splash of soda water. Garnish with a cherry or orange slice. I prefer both! Toast to something worth celebrating and enjoy!

Sister Shenanigans!


Until we connect again, may you laugh 'til you snort, take the bull by the horns (GRIT), give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, always look for the MAGIC to CELEBRATE!


Much Gratitude, 




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I was deep belly laughing through this weeks blog!!!!! So fun! So hilarious in the middle of poop thank you for making my day my week🤣

Kari kelly scoggins

I was deep belly laughing through this weeks blog!!!!! So fun! So hilarious in the middle of poop thank you for making my day my week🤣

Kari kelly scoggins

All stories are good stories when the end with shopping 🛍. Hugs to Little Lucy 💕 🐾

Molly Russo

I love that you got some time with your loved ones! I am sure it was a blast. Poor Lucy….sorry you and she had to deal with that.

T Wong

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