Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!

It’s almost Christmas!!! Our Christmas here at the FUNNY FARM will be extra merry because of an unexpected blessing. While I was in the barn shoveling the usual morning sh*t, the tunes in my pocket were interrupted by a phone call from our veterinarian. They had a two and a half month old mini Hereford calf needing a home. Our little Christmas baby, Chip! The vet had been caring for him for over a week and all the gals in the office fell in love with the little guy so they were happy he would be coming to the funny farm so they can still see him from time to time. Rowdy was over due for a pal so this was perfect! Still waiting & waiting for our female mini Highland calf. Fingers crossed she will be here this spring!!! Maybe an Easter blessing?!!! 


Chip is the sweetest little guy. He was supposed to be an engagement gift for a bride to be in Alaska from her Mr. Right. I like how he thinks! However, after trekking all the way from a farm in Missouri Chip didn’t have the needed documentation to get across the Canadian boarder to finish the trek to Alaska. As a result Chip landed in our vet’s care while they tried to navigate the paperwork. Long story short it became too expensive and the groom to be asked them to find a home for Chip.  Lucky us, we got the first call. Merry Christmas to me!!! Actually, Merry Christmas to us, the whole family is in love. Lucy is especially smitten. She loves to love on him and when she’s not with him she lays by the door waiting to burst in to see him. ALWAYS SHENANIGANS!




The temperature outside was -40 degrees this morning. Nothing and no-one is built for this kind of cold! Even the cars seems to talk back when we start them. I am grateful for cozy time by the fire. I wish I could have the whole funny farm sit by the fire with us. Talk about SHENANIGANS! Since I don’t want to shovel sh*t in our living room that isn’t the best option, though I am not entirely above it! Next best thing was to keep the heater in the barn cranking and lots of extra bedding and feed to keep everyone as warm and cozy as possible. Chip is in the garage at the house so we can easily bottle feed and keep him extra warm and loved on by all of us, especially miss Lucy. I can’t wait until it warms up a bit so we can introduce Chip to the whole Funny Farm Family! So much to be GRATEFUL for.



Oh boy, guess who’s coming to town? Santa!!! Guess who is most likely to get caught stealing a kiss from him? Yep, me!!! I ♥️ Santa. I hope to meet him under the mistletoe for a sip of Moonshine and a kiss. In the spirit of Christmas I have been playing festive tunes in my pocket all week and happened upon this beautiful version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Chris Klafford.  Click here to enjoy!




 Yet another fun little tune inspired by my V-S-T interview this week with Kady Hinojosa, Navy veteran, author, wife, breast cancer survivor and more. She shares about beating breast cancer not once, but twice!  She stresses how important it is to be your own best advocate. Be sure to listen, and share with anyone that needs to hear her message. Click here to listen to Kady share her journey.


Roll With Baby by Steve Winwood (click here to listen to this oldie but goodie song. A tune to live by)

When life is too much

Roll with it, baby

Don't stop and lose your touch

Oh no, baby

Hard times knocking on your door

I'll tell them you ain't there no more

Get on through it

Roll with it, baby

Luck will come and then slip away

You've gotta move bring it back to stay



I love Christmas. I love the magic of the lights and the spirit of the season. I am grateful to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Hay in the manger has a whole new meaning in my life these days. I can’t think of a more special place to be born. As we enjoy the gifts, good sips, yummy eats may we all remember what it’s all about. Hug a little longer, kiss a little more, spread a little love around and have yourself a merry little Christmas! Click here for a fun Spotify Christmas playlist!!




Until we connect again, may you laugh ‘til you snorttake the bull by the horns, give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, live like someone left the gate open, make it a good one, strive to thrive, love like crazy, enjoy the little things, always look for the miracles to celebratebe grateful, embrace the messy, turn it into your magic, dance, keep learning, growing, getting better, crossing things off your bucket list, spreading a little love around, chasing your hearts desires, walking through the raindrops, do what sets your soul on fire, and HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS!!!


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Much Gratitude, 




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