A Song & A Smile

A Song & A Smile

Hi Shenanigan Enthusiasts!

It’s been a bit nippy here now that winter has come to stay. Sunshine makes all the difference. Somehow 25 degrees feels amazing when the sun is shining. The whole funny farm gang loves to come out and play in the sunshine too! Of course, as always I have tunes singing in my pocket while I shovel sh*t, and thank God for all the blessings and lessons along the way.


I often sing along to the tunes in my pocket and it cracks me up, that the whole gang will gather around, they look at me sideways not sure if they think I am dying or if they like that I am sing to them. As I reflect on my silliness, I remember the scene from Snow White when she sings to the animals in the forest. While my talent is lacking the words, she sang ring true.

With a Smile and a Song (click here to take a trip back to this 1937 classic)

With a smile and a song

Life is just a bright sunny day

Your cares fade away

And your heart is young

With a smile and a song

All the world seems to waken anew

Rejoicing with you

As the song is sung


On the more blustery days, shenanigans outside the barn are scarce. The ‘pacas don’t mind the cold a bit though. They almost seem to welcome it. Rasta's shag blows in the wind. Buddy and Merle lay in the snow, lazily eating the hay Rowdy bucks out of the trough. Everyone else comes out long enough to get their morning grain treat but then scurry back into the shelter or barn. Betty and June bury themselves in the extra straw and wood shavings I spread out to stay cozy. I love having the camera up in the barn to peek in on the shenanigans. GRATEFUL ♥️


A Song & A Smile

It’s so true how a smile and a song can make your cares fade away. A good tune has proven to be the best therapy on my journey. I know I am not alone in that sentiment. There is something about the message in a song. Sometimes it’s just what I need to put some pep in my step. Sometimes the song remembers when and takes me on a trip down memory lane. Yep, there is song about that (Click here to remember when)! Sometimes a song perfectly says what my heart feels. Other times it’s a little reminder I am not the only one growing through the heartbreak life can bring, the fact that there is someone who put into words, exactly what my heart needed to hear in that moment reminds me I am not alone. Sometimes it’s the beat, sometimes the words, sometimes both and it's always a reason to dance and sing in the kitchen!!! Little miracles each and every song! 

The Story

 I love, love, love, live music. We got to go see Cody Johnson, Randy Houser and The Steel Woods over the weekend. I love feeling the vibration of the live tunes. It’s good for the soul. I love the stories the songs tell. You can learn so much in a song about, where someone has been, where they are, and where they are going. I love hearing the stories behind the story of a song. I leave live events feeling like I got a little window into the artist’s soul. Below is a trio of songs, one from each artist, that share a bit of each of their hearts and mine.


‘Til You Can’t - Cody Johnson (click to listen)

If you got a chance, take it

Take it while you got a chance

If you got a dream chase it

'Cause a dream won't chase you back

If you're gonna love somebody

Hold 'em as long and as strong and as close as you can

'Til you can't


Rub a Little Dirt On It - Randy Houser (click to listen)

Sometimes all you can say

Is rub a little dirt on it

Shake the dust right outta your mind

Let a cool breeze work on it

Ya feel the healing comin' on right on time

When life gets a little hurt on it

Get in the middle of nowhere

And rub a little dirt on it


If We Never Go - Steel Woods (click to listen)

If we never go

We can never know

What's beyond these county roads

There's nothing wrong with home

But lovers oughta roam

Without chances plans don't make


Miracle in a Song

Do you ever hear a song and feel like it was written just for you? Maybe it was? Maybe it’s a little miracle sent just for you in that moment. Maybe we need to pay attention to the gifts that speak to our soul, whether in a song, a moment of clarity, a feeling of joy, an intuition that something is right or wrong. Maybe it’s less coincidence and more a little miracle we need to celebrate. The “miracle message” I embraced from these songs as a new journey began this week is to take the chance, chase the dream, love big, shake it off when life hurts, I will never know if I don’t go for it.

And So, It Begins 









 The first two episodes of my V-S-T Podcast came out on Tuesday! It was an exciting day for me, taking this leap of faith. I know it can and will impact lives. It was a messy start, fumbling over my words here and there but that doesn't matter. What matters is I started! What matters is my badass tribe supporting me all the way! What matters are the people loving this mission and willing to be vulnerable and commit to sharing their journey in hopes of making a difference for just one person. Tuesday night as I sipped a good sip, I celebrated the good sh*t, the hard sh*t and the real sh*t that inspired this new journey. Together I look forward to laughing, crying, growing, being inspired, inspiring, and finding magic in the messy so that we can all THRIVE. Listen HERE


It you want to Celebrate the Good Sh*t with your own Good Sh*t Glass click HERE! Cheers!



Until we connect again, may you laugh ‘til you snorttake the bull by the horns, give yourself and others some GRACE, live a good story, climb your mountain, dream, do hard things, live like someone left the gate open, make it a good one, strive to thrive, love like crazy, enjoy the little things, always look for the miracle to celebratebe grateful, embrace the messy, turn it into your magic, notice the miracles, dance in the kitchen, keep learning, growing, getting better and chose to live a GOOD STORY.


Love & Shenanigans 💕🐽

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I slept in until 8. It’s a Miracle 😂


I love November because of being Thanksgiving ….(giving Thanks for so many Blessings) especially for getting the gift of you, Zanna, my first baby daughter,….turning 44 years old….wow!!!!
I so Grateful!!!! Thank you for sharing your light💫 yes songs come to us at the perfect timing. …Love you!!!💜💚💙

Chris and Kari Scoggins

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